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2024 - eCompliance Series - Preparing for the CLIA Inspection
Preparing for the CLIA Inspection is for individuals responsible for getting labs ready for an inspection. You will learn how inspections are scheduled and how they proceed, which records are required for the survey, and how to respond to deficiencies. You will also receive a checklist to help assure that everything is in place.

CLIA Training and Compliance
Pass your CLIA inspection, the first time. Now you can provide your employees with training on CLIA regulations and prepare your lab to pass an inspection.

The CLIA eCompliance module is a self-paced, easy way for you and your staff to become inspection-ready and up-to-date on CLIA regulations. Included is a series of videos on how inspections are scheduled; records required for the survey; and how to respond to deficiencies. Plus, you will receive an inspection checklist. Now can rest easy knowing everyone in your office is ready for an inspection.

This one-hour training covers:
• The purpose of laboratory surveys
• How to organize data for a smooth survey
• How to avoid survey pitfalls
• How to develop a plan of corrective action

After purchase, you'll receive an email on accessing the module to complete the training.

Looking for more in this series? Check out the modules on HIPAA and OSHA that include certification. 

*Please note the eCompliance Series-Preparing for the CLIA Inspection does not include certification. 

Availability: On-Demand
Expires on Feb 20, 2026
Credit Offered:
No Credit Offered

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